Most Technologically Mismatched Battles In History

Here are the most mismatched battles in history:

Public Domain

Public Domain

1) Iraq War Invasion
March 20 2003

Coalition Forces Vs. Iraqi Army

Troop Strength:
265 thousand – 1,119,000

196 – 13,000

Although largely unpopular today the Iraq war invasion was supported by a majority of Americans at the time.

2) Anglo-Zanzibar War
August 26 1896

United Kingdom Vs. Zanzibar

Troop Strength:
1,050 – 2,800

1 (wounded) – 500 (wounded or killed)

The conflict lasted slightly more than one half an hour.

3) Battle of Saragarhi

September 12 1897

British Empire Vs. Pashtuns (Afghans)

Troop Strength:
21 – 10,000

21 (killed) – 180+ (killed) wounded unknown

The British had exceptional military superiority and the Pahtuns were quickly dispatched.

4) Battle of Longewala

December 4, 1971

India Vs. Pakistan

Troop Strength:
121 – 2,000

2 (killed) – 200 (killed)

With the use of military aircraft, called Hawk hunters, the Indian army was able to destroy numerous vehicles and tanks and lay waste to the Pakistan army vehicles from the safety of the sky.

5) Battle of Cajamarca
November 16 1532

Spanish Empire Vs. Inca Empire

Troop Strength:
106 – between 3,000 and 8,000


5 (killed) – 2,000 (killed)

A mostly unarmed Incan empire was little trouble for a small group of Spanish conquistadors. Despite being grossly outnumbered, the conquistadors decimated the army, leaving a death toll in the thousands. The remaining Incans were taken prisoner.

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