Popular Smart Phone Apps Busted For Privacy Concerns

Many smart phone apps we know and love have been surrounded by controversy in recent months, for privacy concerns.

Public Domain

Public Domain

1) Words with Friends
The app tracks users location using network and gps for possible use for market analysis and targeted advertising.

2) Draw something
The app accesses the state of the phone running it, collecting information about the carrier, ID of the device, and phone number which is possibly used for customer analysis and marketing.

3) Shazam
Also tracks locations precisely using gps or network possibly for advertisement purposes.

4) Cut the rope
Uses several third party libraries which collect marketing information and display advertisements. Can also read the phones identifying information, carrier, device ID, signal, and phone number.

5) ES file explorer
Also can read the phones identifying information, carrier, phone number, and signal status for reasons that are unknown and not likely related to the base functionality of the app.