Pokemon Go Disasters



Everyone wants to “catch em all” these days, but the hotly anticipated virtual reality game is already having some serious consequences in the physical reality.

The new Pokemon Go Game is taking over the world. Unlike traditional video games it requires users to physically leave their home, in order to play effectively. The geolocation based interfaced allows gamers to target nearby Pokemon for capture at or near local landmarks.

This is leading people into some sticky situations. Almost immediately reports came flooding in about people falling into danger in pursuit of Pokemon.

A recent report of armed robbery was attributed to use of the app. Using the app a group of teens targeted a nearby location of Pokemon and laid in wait for unsuspecting victims to come looking to capture Pokemon. The victims were then allegedly robbed.

In addition numerous tweets and reports have come in about people using the app while driving and/or biking, which is not only dangerous but can be potentially fatal.

Despite the negative backlash many have credited the game with increasing social interactions in the actual realworld, which isn’t often said of it’s non geolocation based game counterparts.

Stay safe out there trainers!