Best Inventions Of 2014

While a majority of the people stuck to their routines and daily efforts to eke out a living, a tiny fraction of the globe’s population also went about their business in the pursuit of inventions that would change the lives of people.

The year 2014 was a great year for breakthroughs in numerous fields that would ultimately impact the way people live. If not for the living and breathing human beings prooving these inventions, one would actually think they come from Hollywood. Here is a list of the top 7 inventions of 2014:

1. 3D Printed Objects

Although the 3D technology has been in existence for years already, it is during the year 2014 that they leapt into the consciousness of the average human. Using plastics and other materials for a process called additive manufacturing, the realization of 3D digital models of real objects has never been more impressive.

The fields of medicine, aeronautics, weaponry, engineering, and so many others have been tremendously helped with the leaps the technology has provided. In medicine, doctors can even produce cells, skin, and parts of the human brain. Providing 3D printed prosthetics for those who need them is increasingly becoming popular. Mock ups of very important body parts that are 3D printed have been a huge help in very delicate operations. This is a technology that has a huge impact in almost every aspect of the human life.